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6P Readiness Intake

Thanks for taking some time to fill out this intake form. Please set aside at least 45 minutes to go through this exercise. If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Organizational Overview

Primary Contact Name

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What systems and tools do you use to manage your business?

Notion Current State

If you are using Notion, what are the elements in your current workspace that you can't live without?

What is something you are really interested in developing in your Notion Workspace?


Where do you see your company 3 years from now?

List Top 3 Priorities (Goals & Objectives)

Do you have a company roadmap? Please share link below

What does accountability look like with team members responsible for executing on these Priorities?


What does "tracking relationships" mean in your business?

Do you have a Customer Journey mapped out?

How do you track the Sales Process? What is important to track?


Please list all Active Projects

How do you currently keep track of them?


How does Marketing "work" in your company?

What Marketing Tech tools do you currently use?

What Promotion channels are you actively managing?

What Promotion channels are you actively managing?


Please list all repetitive business playbooks (processes).

What are 3 processes you would you like to automate within your business?

Who would be your first hire if you could invest in one?


What does Weekly Planning look like?

What does Monthly Planning look like?

And lastly....