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Thank you for being such an awesome supporter of our mission here at CPD Advisors. Filing out the below form will kickstart the process to joining our Affiliate program. Here's how it works at a high level:
• In-Person/Online Workshops will result in a one-time 10% commission
• Course Registrations will result in a one-time 30% commission
• Mastermind enrollments will result recurring 10% commission for subscription lifetime
These offers are stackable, meaning if you invite someone to a workshop and they sign up for our course , you will receive both 10% and 30% (respectively). If they then sign up for our mastermind program, you will continue to receive 10% for their duration of their membership with us.
This form is simply to understand your preferences and how we can customize your TripleWin Experience.
Please leave any questions at the end of this form
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